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The Lingo Club is a Victorian company and one of Australia’s leading organizations providing industry standard programs nationally in LOTE (7 Languages) to children (grade 2 to year 12) through our after school/lunch clubs and holiday camps. We also offer private tutoring to both individuals and groups including corporate clients. 

Join us today and explore the beauty of your favourite language.

Providing participants with today’s languages for tomorrow’s jobs.

  • Our unique, progressive and exclusive curriculum, combined with over 35 years experience in the education industry and our passion to educate children and individuals give us an edge over others.  
  • All our tutors are hand picked and well trained to not only tutor but educate participants while delivering our programs professionally and ethically in a safe, engaging and fun environment. 
  • We endevour to inspire and empower participants with the right skills for a better and brighter future. 
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Explore & Discover Our Similarities

Why The Lingo Club?/Your benefits


At The Lingo Club, we believe in transparency. Participant schools have access to our courses and parents can check their kids’ activities and monitor their progress.

As our curriculum is a project based, students don’t have to rush or compete with others. They focus on their own project in their own time building on their own Strengths.

Our unique and exclusive curriculum is our main asset. It’s designed by a team of passionate and experienced individuals to benefit and inspire students of all ages to understand & appreciate it in a progressive and fun way.

Participants will benefit from our extensive experience, of more than 35 years, of teaching both children and adults.
Our passion for educating, inspiring and empowering children is what set us apart from other “businesses”.

Growing With Our Passion

We are still growing every day, every week and every Term through our passion,unique curriculum and fun delivery. Thriving to gain approval from more schools, involvement from more students & respect from more parents.
Happily involved students
Pleased and impressed schools
Passionate and well trained tutors