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How Our Exclusive Coding Program works

Our unique and exclusive program is designed by a team of experienced and passionate individuals to inspire students to learn fundamental computing concepts, theories and programming languages, to help and encourage them to learn and appreciate the basics of Web design & game development in a progressive manner, utilising HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and other digital languages.

Participants have the option of attending our fun social sessions (classes) or can enjoy the activities in the comfort of their homes (online).

Our Vision

Our collaboration and vision is to get students from grade 2 thinking in computer code.
The curriculum, delivery method, strategy and tools we have are capable of achieving this goal. Starting with the basics and simple coding theories to  slowly progress into more complex theories and challenging coding activities. The lessons are project based so participants will end up with a tangible result which they can share with their families and friends and allow them to work on their own pace, speed and time.
The seasons are progressive and tailored to the individual’s needs and learning style.
The Lingo Club contributes with an industry standard digital curriculum to add value to your STEM program

Your Options

After School

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Our regular after school/lunch time coding club sessions are conducted in conjunction with the school Terms. They run at your child’s school. The class is one hour per week made up of theory, activities, and challenges. We get the kids excited and involved as we only offer small classes.
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Holiday Camp

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Fun filled 3 days for children to utilise their passion for computers and technology. To learn useful skills for their future. Our program covers the 3 main languages of web programming (HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT), other digital languages & much more.
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The Lingo Club offers an online option to accommodate for individuals who can not attend our classes due to their other activities or busy schedules. This option allows you to participate and learn in the comfort of your home.
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At this level, all our students cover Cybersecurity and all the basics of web programming. Their simple project will help them understand how computers work, learn problem-solving skills, be lateral thinkers and understand logic.


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The new project is an introduction to the 3 main languages of web programming and what they are used for (HTML, CSS, and Javascript). By the end of this project, participants will have their first website that includes different products, payment form and buttons to check out and purchase.


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In this project, students will create a game full of creativity and fun called The Maze game. This game will bring the player to a maze full of mysteries where they have to solve tricky puzzles and riddles to find their way out. Working on this project, students will get the chance to get hands-on many Javascript techniques which will allow them to bring whatever in their mind into life.

What People Say

“I like coding because I can create my own game & I like being challenged.” – Christian (Grade 5/Melbourne)

“I like changing colors, font and photos on pages” – Grace (Grade 3/Queensland)

“My friend Zoe and I love coding because it’s easy, fun and cool” – Emily (Year 7/Melbourne)

“Coding is so much fun. My favorite day of the week is Wednesday, we have the whole hour playing games” – Claire (Grade 4/Ballarat)

“I have been learning to code with “The Coding Club” since last year and I have learned so many cool things and now I’m building my own game” –  A Year 9 Student/Melbourne


My son reckons going to The Lingo Club every Thursday is the best after school activity he has done. – Stacy (Mother/Ballarat)

I like the fact that I can sit in the class with my kid anytime, actually I picked up quite a lot for myself. Keep up the good work guys. – Jessie (Mother/Melbourne)

I am happy with what this after school activity offers to my son. I can see the value of my money. – Richard  (Father/Queensland)

My daughter looks forward to every Wednesday when she does coding through The Lingo Club. She gets so excited. – Dean (Father/Ballarat)

The best thing I really like is the fact that The Lingo Club starts the program with cybersecurity. – Varsha (Mother/Melbourne)

I like the fact that, as parent, i do have access to the program, I can check on my daughter’s projects and work. – Tom (Father/Queensland)

Invermay primary school/Ballarat:

The CODING CLUB has provided Invermay PS students with an opportunity to explore and
extend their digital literacy beyond traditional school hours.
CODING CLUB Director and Instructor, Driss Regague, was very accommodating in building
an after-school program to suit the needs of our students and school community.  He
regularly checked in with both myself and his instructional support staff, to maintain the
momentum of both staff and students.

Justin Marshman
Principal – Invermay Primary School

Mudgeeraba State School/ Gold Coast: 

The Lingo Club is the perfect partner for schools who are looking towards developing
21 st  century learners. We have been associated with Driss and his team for two years and
have relished this unique experience. Students of all ages are able to come together and
participate at their own pace in a supportive environment. Students acquire skills
progressively whilst gaining the knowledge and understanding fundamental to
programming using digital languages. The course is sequential and like nothing else offered
by any other coding course. The curriculum is aligned beautifully to the proficiencies
embedded in Digital technologies and is a great way to ensure that students are gaining
fundamental computational skills. Learning lifts to another dimension when kids are
engaged in the course content provided by the coding club.
Sue Bowen (Head of Curriculum)
Sue Bowen
Mudgeeraba State School

Kew High School/Melbourne 

The students at Kew High School enjoy ‘The lingo Club’ every week. The students, at every level of
coding, are engaged in the program which is widely supported by students and parents.’
Daryl, Assistant Principal, Kew High School

Why Coding Is Important?

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