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Helping your child to become a


Our regular after school/lunch time language club sessions are conducted in conjunction with the school Terms and your school timetable.

Our fun after school language clubs are designed and delivered not only to teach the language but to highlight the similarities in different cultures so we can help children appreciate and respect their differences. Our program is about promoting mutual understanding.

What you should expect:

Professional approach, Punctuality, Flexibility, Empathy, Quality program, Fun, and above all guaranteed results.
Fun and a variety of educational activities that would expand their mind.
All our locations have playground facilities.
Progressive Program
Designed to help kids learn, play & socialise with others who have similar interests.
Your benefits:

+ They run at your child’s school.

+ The after school club runs for 60 minutes per week.. The lunch club runs for 30 min per week.

+ Exclusive, and progressive's curriculum.

+ Passionate and well trained instructors. .

+ Small classes. 1:8 ratio (1 x instructor : 8 x students).

+ Fun based activities including music & dance.

+ A learning outcome for each session.

+ Safe and engaging environment.

+ Our sessions are taught using both traditioned and digital tools.