FAQ - Coding Club

Do kids have to have any prior knowledge of coding?

Absolutely not. 

My son is in Grade 1 and loves technology. Can he join

We strongly believe that at that age children don’t have the intellectual maturity to process all information. Our program caters from Grade 3 to Year 9 (with some exceptions for grade 2).

What do kids learn?

Depends which level, as we accomodate for 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Please contact (call/email) us to discuss your specific level.
As safety and security are paramount to us. Our program starts with CyberSecurity first, The theory of how computers/ digital devices work, 

My son did "Code Camp" and he already knows a lot, will he be bored if there are also kids in the class who have no prior knowledge?

Our program is project based. We assess the kids competence first and based on that we give them activities to suit them so we can keep them focused and engaged.

I’m familiar with coding, would I be able to know what my kid does?

Absolutely. Registration gives you login details that allows both students and parents to access the program.

Do kids learn the same thing the whole year?

Our program is progressive. We start from the basics and move to more challenging activities to keep the kids excited, focused and engaged.

Can i enrol my child/children for the whole year and pay fortnightly?

Absolutely, we don’t want to add any financial burden to any parents.

When do your sessions take place?

Depending on your option:
After school:
Depending on the state and the school, all our sessions start the second week of each Term, 15 minutes after the school’s finishing time and the last session is the week before the Term ends. 
Holiday programs:
Please check our holiday program calendar 
The advantage is you learn in your own time, pace and space. NO restrictions

Can I get a discount as I want both my kids to join?

Definitely. We do offer siblings and family discounts.

Can I pay in instalments?

Absolutely. We don’t want any kid to miss out so we started offering payment plans to help parents and students. Please contact us to discuss your best option.

How many kids are in the class?

As we really determined that kids learn from our sessions, our ratio is 1 tutor to 8 students.

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