FAQ - Language Club

Do I need to have some prior knowledge of the language I want to learn?

Absolutely not. Our program is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced.  

Can I join an existing group?

We do have different groups, based on their level of proficiency and interest. We would assess your language skills and determine which group would be beneficial to you.

I would like to learn Spanish but I am very busy and find it hard to find the time.

The advantage of The Lingo Club is that we are mobile and flexible.

Can I learn my favourite language with my 9 year old?

Of course, at The Lingo Club, we have the skills and expertise to teach both adults & children at the same time. We give you two different activities depending on your learning style.

I just want to learn the basic conversation phrases in French before I go on my holidays.

Our 8 sessions conversational course would be ideal for you, this will cover what you need for everyday basic conversation.

Can I learn with a friend?

If you and your friend/friends are interested in learning a language we can help you start your own club to accommodate your needs. We have found from experience that learning together and having someone to practice with help.

Can I get a discount as I want both my kids to join?

Definitely. We do offer siblings and family discounts.

When do your sessions take place?

Depending on your option:
After school:
Depending on the state and the school, all our sessions start the second week of each Term, 15 minutes after the school’s finishing time and the last session is the week before the Term ends. 
Holiday programs:
Please check our holiday program calendar 
The advantage is you learn in your own time and space. NO restrictions

Can I pay in instalments?

Absolutely. We don’t want any kid to miss out so we started offering payment plans to help parents and students. Please contact us to discuss your best option.

How many kids are in the class?

As we really determined that kids learn from our sessions, our ratio is 1 tutor to 8 students.

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