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In this fast-changing world, with so much access to wider communities, speaking a second or third language has become a necessity.

Educators and many parents, strongly believe that our kids NEED to learn, more languages to give them the best possible head start to build a better life and more harmonious world.

The Lingo Club has been offering language programs to children, from grade 2 to year 12, for more than 15 years. Our language clubs are designed and delivered not to only teach children a language but to educate them about the cultural part of it.

We use both traditional and digital methods to help children to THINK, not only speak, in the language they are learning. We bring all other aspects of the culture to illustrate the simplicity of the language. Supported by music, art, food and real-life experiences.

 The Lingo Club focuses on promoting mutual understanding.

Our programs:

After School

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Private Tutoring

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Holiday Camp

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Please watch the below video. It gives a great insight into the benefits of learning a second language.

What People Say:

“Driss made me feel so comfortable and at ease. He’s very easy to talk to and his passion for languages is so infectious. I really enjoyed learning Arabic with Driss from The Lingo Club.” – Christine/Ballarat

“This is my second year with the lingo club learning French and I’m still enjoying my sessions the same way I enjoyed the first one. Really like the flexibility of time and place” – Josh/Ballarat

“I like learning French with The Lingo Club because it is easy and fun.” – Chloe (Grade 5/Queensland)

“Learning Spanish is fun & awesome. Driss plays lots of games and makes me laugh.” – Sam (Grade 4/Melbourne)

” I took some French lessons with Driss to prepare for trip to France and it was satisfying and empowering to be able to use some of my newly-learnt language skills in my interactions with locals during my travels. I looked forward to my weekly lessons and conversations with Driss. He is a fun and engaging teacher and I came away from each lesson feeling a sense of achievement. The time and location of lessons was flexible to meet my schedule and lesson objectives were tailored to suit my needs and learning style. I would recommend Driss and the Lingo Club whatever your language-learning needs are.” – Sarah/Ballarat

“Having some one to come to my place to teach my kids, it’s a dream come through to me. The kids are learning my parents’ native language in the comfort of their home and having so much fun” – Kylie (Mother/Ballarat)

“Im so happy that the “Lingo club offers Spanish, my son loves it” – Richard (Father/Melbourne)
“My 2 kids really enjoy learning French with Driss. He really knows how to keep them engaged.” – Adam (Father/Ballarat)
“I have been looking for years for somewhere that offer my parents native language “German” to teach my kids so they can communicate with each other. The Lingo Club came the right time I’m so excited.” –  Caroline/Melbourne
“I really think that the local authorities should encourage and reward The Lingo Club for their amazing work here, as our kids they don’t have many choices.” – Mandy/ Ballarat
“My daughter and I have been learning Spanish with Driss for the last couple of years and we love every session. He really makes both of us so comfortable.” – Kay & Bianca/Ballarat

St James’s Parish School/Ballarat:

Driss is a real asset to our staff team. He is focussed, competent, skilled, committed and engaging and professional.
Mary Frawley
St James’ Parish School

Ballarat Steiner school/ Ballarat

I am pleased to stand as a reference for Mr Driss Regague regarding his skills and effectiveness as a teacher. Mr Regague has been teaching French to my class one and two composites at Ballarat Steiner School since January 2015. I have been very impressed by his skills and his ability to engage my class in their learning. He has been responsive to the needs of the school and has shown himself to be professional, trustworthy and highly skilled teacher.
If you require any further details please contact me at Ballarat Steiner School, 244 Moss Avenue, Ballarat.
Gareth Jones
Class Teacher at Ballarat Steiner

Driss Regague has been working at the Ballarat Steiner School as the French teacher for the past year. Driss has worked with all the classes from grade one to six, planning and delivering French lessons with activities and themes to suit the different ages. His lessons are always deeply engaging for the students, who he shares his deep passion for languages and cultures with. Driss has a wonderful rapport with the students, who enjoy his lessons immensely. Driss is an excellent colleague to work with, he is reliable, open to feedback, attends staff professional development days offered at the school, and shows a deep interest in the students and their learning.
Svantje Mertens
Educational Facilitator