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Do you know how to say “Hello” in Italian?

How would you say “My name is…” in Italian?

Would you like to understand other people and their culture?

Learn how to communicate with others, make more friends and contribute to a global mutual understanding.

Have a taste!! Enjoy & have fun

Did You Know?

Dialects of Italian are regional varieties (Tuscan, Central Italian) which are closely related to Standard Italian, while the terms Dialects of Italy is suggested for those idioms, such as Neapolitan, Sicilian, and Gallo-Italian languages which show considerable differences in grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

Countries that speak Italian:

Croatia, Eritrea, France, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland

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Photo:  The original name for the Colosseum was the Amphitheatrum Flavium, but it eventually became known as the Colosseum. The normal spelling for a generic large amphitheater used for sports and other entertainment is “coliseum“. However, when referring to the one in Rome, it is capitalized and spelled “Colosseum”.

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