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Driss Regague


Our Mission

To contribute to both the digital & the LOTE programs that our schools have, 
especially in regional areas.

To develop a long-term alliance with schools and other educational organisations that appreciate the importance of LOTE & a digital educations and their role in the child’s academic development. 

We will achieve that by our fun after school and holiday programs that offer easy activities that encourage kids to want to learn & explore these subjects.
Ensuring the quality of our program & it’s delivery are endorsed by our commitment to inspire children

Our Values

The only solution.
Nothing gets achieved without passion.
The key to achievement.
Use your brain and heart,
Always be positive.
Let’s promote mutual respect together.
Let’s collaborate to keep our world CLEAN. 

Our Vision

To equip as many children as we can, from Grade 2 to Year 9, with the right tools to expand their worlds and be competent in today’s languages.
Making LOTE and digital education a fun part of their weekly routine, especially in regional areas, inspire them to excel in their communication skills and empower them to achieve excellence in their future.

The Story

For the last 35 years I have been involved in the education industry both overseas and in Australia, teaching languages on a one to one basis, in small groups and in a class environment from beginners to advanced speakers. I had the pleasure to help many children and adults with their second language.
Since I settled in Australia, almost 30 years ago, I continue to share my passion for languages with my friends, co-workers & try to inspire everyone who I meet.
In 2008, the birth of The Lingo Club came to effect as a small and humble business, platform to help, encourage and inspire individuals to learn a second, third and fourth language so they can expand their world.
Being multilingual myself, I know that learning a new language is challenging and requires lots of practice, patience and dedication, that is why my lessons are inspiring, enjoyable and tailored to the individuals learning style.
In 2016, The Lingo club expanded from just offering traditional languages to acquiring the new digital languages to accommodate for the rising demand for these new languages. Applying our wealth of knowledge and experiences we accumulated during the years in the education industry, it was a natural progress for us to take a good portion of the Australian market in the digital field.
coding - The Lingo Club

Who we are

The Lingo Club is run by a group of passionate individuals who share a passion for education and fortunate enough to have the skills and the expertise to share that passion with others, especially children.
Our programs: after school, holiday camps and private tutoring are about helping, encouraging and inspiring students from Grade 2 to year 10, individuals and businesses with their digital education needs, languages and other current subjects. 
Our vision is to empower as many Australian kids as possible with the right tools to become the best they can in a safe, familiar and fun environment.
about robotics - T

What we do

We develop, and constantly updating and upgrading a unique and exclusive curriculum that teaches children, both in primary schools and secondary colleges, how to understand and master Coding, Digital music, Languages and Robotics with fun activities and real challenges.
We combine theory with practical tools so the children can get a real grasp of these subjects. We bring the industry standard to the class rooms to equip children with real life skills and prepare them for future jobs.

Meet The Team


Driss Regague (DRISS)



Samantha Mackenzie (SAM)

Academic Consultant


Alex Porter (Alex)

Senior developer


Driss Regague (DRISS)

Operations manager


Julian Sheerman (JULZ)

Tutors' Coach


Joanne Brown (JO)


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