Our Vision, Mission & Values​

Our Vision

To grow and to get our programs endorsed, by the Moroccan ministry of education and to become an integral part of the national curriculum in every public and private school. Then expand to neighboring countries, the middle East and Africa.

Our mission

To make digital education and languages accessible to every kid in the country from the age of 10. providing them with the same opportunity’s other kids around the world have. Focusing on the discovery of thinkers/inventors from an early age to nurture and empower them with the right tools to reach their full potentials and compete on the world stage. To develop a long-term alliance with schools and educational organisations around the nation who strongly believe in the importance of digital education and languages in our children future. This will be achieved by delivering current, relevant and tailored programs that inspire children in a fun and engaging environment. Ensuring the quality of our delivery is endorsed by our partners, prior toing explore more opportunities in the middle East and Africa.

Our values

Our Values are the map that helps us ِachieve our common goal ethically. They are the foundation upon which we continue to build strong partnerships. It's almost impossible to maintain a supportive and safe learning environment without them. We believe that our Core Values combined together define something special to us, Although each could stand alone. The success of The Lingo Club is based on our individual values to line up with the big picture. At The Lingo Club, we aspire to live by the core values of Education first, Passion, Positivity, Motivation, Creativity, Respect, Sustainability.

Education First